Riverfield is pleased to partner with outside experts to jointly develop innovative and niche investment products. The first partnership was formed with precious metal experts QORE and has led to the launch of PHI FUNDS.

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PHI FUNDS is a Liechtenstein registered umbrella fund managing physical precious metals investment strategies. PHI FUNDS products provide exposure to allocated precious metals. The physical gold is allocated directly to the fund and investors have the option to redeem their units in kind and to receive delivery of the physical gold.

The Funds are managed by Riverfield Partners LLP, who is advised by QORE Switzerland SA, a precious metals specialist. The Fund’s AIFM is IFM Independent Fund Management AG Liechtenstein, while the Depositary is Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG.​


The investment objective of the “PHI FUNDS – Gold” sub-fund is to achieve an outperformance versus the gold price by actively investing in physical gold and other precious metals.

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PHI FUNDS - SRI Sustainable Gold

PHI FUNDS – SRI Sustainable Gold is designed to give investors access to physical gold mined sustainably and responsibly. The fund aims to be 100% invested in socially responsible physical gold bars at all times.

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PHI Funds IMPACT Gold invests in gold recovered exclusively from electronic and industrial waste.

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Funds launched to exploit a market niche and to make gold accessible to ESG investors

Quick and efficient implementation

Long term execution

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QORE is a precious metals and investment advisory company, formed by gold experts.

For further information please contact IFM (phifunds@ifm.li) or visit the funds' IFM webpage where you may find key fund documents.