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Sustainability Policy

Riverfield evaluates all investment targets in terms of their potential to grow sustainably through time and strives to adopt a holistic sustainable approach in both its investment strategies and daily activities, by taking into account environmental, social and governance factors.

Environmental factors for the conservation of the natural world

  • Protect natural resources and biodiversity (water, air, land, plants and animals)

  • Grow, extract and use natural resources sustainably

  • Produce energy sustainably and use it efficiently

  • Manage waste sustainably

  • Mitigate climate change

Social factors for the consideration of people and relationships

  • Respect human rights

  • Respect labour rights and health & safety standards

  • Protect data and privacy

  • Protect customers


Governance factors for running a company

  • Respect the rule of law

  • Protect shareholder rights

  • Implement anti-corruption and anti-money laundering measures

  • Facilitate whistleblowing

  • Facilitate independent auditing

  • Compose boards fairly

  • Make lobbying and political contributions transparent

Sustainability risks are environmental, social or governance events or conditions that, if they occur, may cause an actual or a potential material negative impact on the value of an investment or may have a broader impact on an economic sector, geographical or political region or country. 

In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019 on sustainability‐related disclosures in the financial services sector (SFDR), sustainability risks are integrated into the investment decision-making and risk monitoring processes to the extent that they represent potential or actual material risks and/or opportunities for maximizing long-term risk-adjusted returns.


No consideration of sustainability adverse events: an evaluation of the principal adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors is not currently feasible due to a lack of reliable data.

Riverfield Investment Products and Services

The level of attention devoted to sustainability risks depends on the strategy pursued by the Riverfield investment product or service in question. Further details are provided in the pre-contractual documents of the investment products or services in accordance with the SFDR.


(I). Riverfield Investment Products with a particular attention to sustainability

(II). Other Riverfield Investment Products or Services

Although sustainability risks are taken into account in all Riverfield activities, some investment products or services do not specifically consider environmental, social and governance factors in the investment selection. Riverfield has identified and analysed sustainability risks for each investment product and service and has determined that these and their potential impacts are not significant.


Renumeration Policy

If actions taken by a member of staff are determined to have had a material adverse impact in environmental, social or governance terms, the renumeration of said member of staff shall be curtailed.

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